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In home care one can purchase various types of equipment to make caring at home and life as an elderly a lot easier and convenient.


Here is a list and brief description of the various types of home care equipment that you as an Elderly can make use of:


  • Premium shower chair: This is a plastic chair that one can purchase to be able to sit in a bath or shower, which makes life much easier.
  • Slip resistant bath mat: This type of mat is made from anti-bacterial material and prevents an elderly from slipping in the shower or bath.
  • Walk in bath tub: This bath tub has a door and enables an elderly person to get into a bath with ease via walking into the bath tub via a door.
  • Secure lock: This device locks securely on to almost any metal bar or side of bath , this makes it easier for an elderly person to move around the bathroom.
  • Palm hand held shower: This device allows an elderly to wash themselves with ease using their hands therefore making it easier as they do not have to stand when showering/washing themselves, this places less strain on the patients back and joints.
  • Toilet seat raiser: This allows an elderly person sit on a toilet with ease without hurting ones back or legs.
  • Toilet lift equipment: This piece of equipment physically aids on to be lifted off the toilet seat when done.


  • Smart chair protector: This is a cover that fits most household dining room chairs. The chair cover is stain resistant and easily removable and washable as well as very durable.
  • Bed pads: This makes life easier for caretakers that have clients with bowl problems.
  • Waterproof seat protectors: This seat protectors protect all seats against moister and stains.
  • Prevail adult incontinence products: Under wear for elderly men, these under wears are disposable and easy to use.



  • Get out of bed system: If you are tired of the endless struggle of getting out of bed and afraid of falling because you had nothing strong to hold on to, Our New Patent Pending Get Out-of-Bed System makes the process of getting out of bed much easier and safer.
  • Anti-snore mouth guard: This product is designed to put an endless stop to not only snoring but also involuntary teeth grinding. The revolutionary design allows one to still breath perfectly whilst wearing the mouth guard, furthermore the product is also very comfortable and therefore will not disrupt any sleeping patterns.
  • EZ adjustable bed rails: These rails are available in many different sizes and shapes and come in various designs and colours. These rails put a stop to any elderly people falling out of bed.
  • Bedcaddie: This piece of equipment fixes to most mattress frames/bed frames and aids all elderly people with movement in a bed when sitting in the upright position.
  • Neck support pillow: This pillow is designed to ensure optimum neck support when sleeping, this minimizes potential neck stiffness and soreness. The pillow is made from a high grade memory foam.
  • Bedcane: This piece of equipment assists elderly people with getting in and out of the bed.
  • Contoured foam pillow: This pillow stops elderly seniors from tossing and turning as well as aids in stopping snoring, which in turn contributes to a great nights rest.



  • Self-assist walk around: This piece of equipment allows an Elderly person to be able to walk around in a circle with support to ensure that the individual gets the optimum amount of exercise without sustaining any injury.
  • Power plate exercise machine: This piece of equipment not only loosens up tight muscles, but also stiffens and reduces cellulite. The power plate’s main focus is to increase circulation and blood flow via sending various frequencies of vibration. The Powerplate is also used to heal injuries and also provide a very effective low impact workout.
  • Xtensor hand exerciser: This device allows elderly seniors to exercise their hands , which in turn assists in minimizing stiffness by strengthening the hand muscles.


  • Easy key turner: This piece of equipment fits on to all keys allowing the user to open or lock and device with ease.
  • Automatic swing door opener: The automatic swing door opener is ideal for elders with mobility issues. The swing door opener is perfect for external and interior doors of almost any type including wooden, metal and fiberglass. The system works with the push of a button and features a manual locking system. Seniors with walkers or wheelchairs do not have to struggle to open and close doors because the automatic swing door opener does it for them. The swing door opener gives audio warning when operating to ensure user safety. It also comes with a manual locking system that allows for the door to be locked with the original door key if you do not want the swing door opener to open the door. It handles up to 100 lbs and is 42 inches wide.
  • Wellness mats: Everyday activities can be strenuous on the body. WellnessMats are ergonomically engineered to provide comfort, safety and relief to seniors. As people age, blood circulation and posture changes. The mats encourage proper circulation, and promote better posture, muscle conditioning, and improved overall wellbeing. They suspend and displace elders’ body weight in order to reduce muscle fatigue and stress. WellnessMats come in different sizes: 3′ x 2′, 6′ x 2′, 6′ x 3′ and 5′ x 4′. The size variation allows seniors to adjust their movement space to ensure.
  • Talking thermostat: Comfort solutions for seniors and persons who are blind, visually impaired or disabled. Announces day, time, room temperature and temperature setting. Audio instructions for setting up program. The Talking Thermostat is designed to make life easy because it verbally tells you how to program it, with clear, concise step-by-step instructions. Adjusting your heating and cooling system has never been this simple.


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