Does ProMedCare supply literature explaining the services they offer?

A detailed file providing information on the following will be provided and kept at the patient’s home:

  • Assessment of the patient’s needs
  • Medical history of the patient
  • Services agreed upon and contract with the patient
  • The Care Management Plan and any adjustments thereof
  • Explanation of the 24/7 CarePlus emergency service
  • Placement of the Caregiver/s
  • Emergency contact details
  • Environmental Safety Assessment documents
  • Daily log sheets to be completed by the Caregiver
  • Quality Assurance log sheets
  • Termination of Services
  • Fees Structures

How are the Caregivers selected?

  • ProMedCare interviews all Caregivers to assess ability and level of training
  • All references are followed-up
  • All training credentials are verified
  • Successful applicants attend an orientation session
  • If successful, Caregivers are matched with a patient according to the patient’s needs and Caregiver’s experience
  • Evaluation of Caregivers take place twice a year
  • Any common gaps identified through the evaluation process will be bridged with a training course with an accredited training provider

How does it work when we decide to use your services?

ProMedCare has a management team in place that will be the first point of contact.

They will do the following:

  • Assess patient’s specific needs with the help of an assessment tool
  • Identify all support systems and role players to prevent duplication and unnecessary costs
  • Explain the services to the patient/family
  • Draft the Care Management Plan in conjunction with a Registered Nurse and other role players
  • Arrange services according to Care Management Plan
  • Quote the patient for the arranged services
  • Draft a contract with the patient
  • Match an appropriate Caregiver to the patient
  • Manage and co-ordinate the services provided by ProMedCare

Are Registered Nurses required to evaluate HomeCare needs?

  • Full medical assessment in consultation with patient’s physician/s and family members are necessary in cases where there are pre-existing medical conditions that prohibits the patient from doing certain daily activities
  • Includes physical assessment with reference to:
    • Physical condition
    • Psychological condition
    • Medication
    • Wound and skincare
    • Nutritional needs
    • Personal care
    • Rehabilitation needs

Are the duties of the Caregiver stipulated?

  • A Care Management Plan is provided to the patient/family members
  • Responsibilities of the Caregiver is set out in the plan
  • A Registered Nurse oversees that all duties are carried out accordingly
  • Any changes to the Care Management Plan are agreed with all parties before implementation
  • Daily records are kept

Is the quality of services provided monitored?

  • Monitoring visits are carried out according to a Care Management Plan by a Registered Nurse
  • Quality checks are carried out by a Quality Manager on an ad hoc basis and weekly visits are done by a Quality Manager Assistant
  • Any complaints are taken and addressed by the Quality Manager
  • All Caregiver’s performance are evaluated quaterly
  • Feedback is requested from patients during and after service termination

Do you have emergency procedures in place ?

  • Yes 24/7 emergency hotline
  • Situation is assessed by Registered Nurse
  • Emergency call outs are carried out when required
  • Experienced Caregivers are on standby for any staff emergencies

Will my information be confidential?

  • All employees sign a confidentiality agreement on appointment
  • All patient records are stored in a secure, locked location


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